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1062 Drowsy Driver Detection and Alerting System View Abstract 4000
1061 Biometric Fingerprint authentication based cash box opening system View Abstract 6000
1060 Programmable switching control for industrial automation in repetitive nature of work View Abstract 3500
1059 Design and construction of Earth Fault relay for single-phase system View Abstract 5000
1058 Solar Panel Tracker control system View Abstract 3000
1057 Under ground cable fault detection with distance View Abstract 3000
1056 Dam door opening system based on water inflow at the Dam View Abstract 2500
1054 Virtual Banking System using IoT with Finger Print Keypad WiFi and GSM View Abstract 12000
1053 IOT and MEMS gesture based home automation for disabled View Abstract 5500
1052 SET-651,UltrasonicSpectales And Waist-belt View Abstract 7000
1051 SET-489. Tongue driven speaking wheel chair View Abstract 7500
1050 SET-486. PC controlling wirelessly using tongue motion View Abstract 7000
1046 SET-612. A Low-Cost Hand Gesture Human-Computer Interaction System View Abstract 8000
1045 A Zigbee based Wearable Physiological Parameters Monitoring System View Abstract 9500
1044 SET-649. A Distributed Wireless Body Area Network for Medical Supervision View Abstract 12000
1042 Safe Driving Using Mobile Phone View Abstract 7000
1040 SEM-001. High power LED based intelligent streetlight controlling system View Abstract 4000
1039 Automatic street light controlling based on vehicle presence and Relays View Abstract 5000
1033 Arduino based Soil Moisture sensor based intelligent Irrigation View Abstract 4000
1030 A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial WSN in IoT Environment View Abstract 18000
1008 SEM-275. Green Wind Energy for rural electrification View Abstract 5500
1000 Touch screen and rf transceiver based restaurant ordering system (Billing, table and kitchen) View Abstract 8500
999 Touchscreen system for Restaurant View Abstract 7500
998 SEM-183. Designing of haptic Restaurant low cost View Abstract 4500
997 Touch screen based restaurant ordering system wired View Abstract 6000
996 Realtime pantry menu information ordering system using zigbee View Abstract 7000
995 Touchscreen system for Restaurant View Abstract 8000
992 4-wired resistive touch screen controlled lamp dimmerer View Abstract 7000
991 Wireless Touch screen controlled Lamp Dimmer for next generation apartments View Abstract 7000
985 Ultrasonic sensor based travel assistant View Abstract 3000
983 Aquatic Water Quality Monitoring System using Bluetooth View Abstract 12000
979 IoT WiFi based data logger with device control View Abstract 6000
977 Transformerless Variable Frequency Drive View Abstract 9500
976 SEM-287. Optimal power point tracking system for solar MPPT View Abstract 9500
974 Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot View Abstract 9000
954 RFID and GSM based Smart Recharge Any Time (RAT) View Abstract 12000
953 SEM-29 Foot Step Power Generation Using Piezo with Inverter View Abstract 6000
948 Seventh Sense Technology Robot using Raspberry Pi View Abstract 12000
947 Virtual Banking System using IoT View Abstract 12000
941 Android operated weighing machine using loadcell (wifi or bluetooth) View Abstract 8000
940 Automated Electric Meter Reading and Monitoring System using ZigBee Integrated Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer via Ethernet View Abstract 12000
937 Mobile phone controlled landmine location identification robot (GSM+GPS+DTMF+Fire+PIR+Robot etc) View Abstract 12000
936 ARM based implementation of Text-To-Speech (TTS) for real time Embedded System View Abstract 9000
935 Localization of License Plate Number Using Dynamic Image Processing Techniques And Genetic Algorithms View Abstract 12000
934 Portable Camera Based Assistive Text and Product Label Reading From Hand Held Objects for Blind Persons View Abstract 10000
933 Real Time Human Face Detection and Tracking View Abstract 11000
930 The Designing an Porting of Temperature & Humidity Sensor Node Driver Based on ARM-Linux View Abstract 9000
929 The Human-Environment Interface Design with a Vision Assistance Module for a Smart Wheelchair View Abstract 16000
928 A Very Simple User Access Control Technique through Smart Device Authentication using Bluetooth Communication View Abstract 9000
927 A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial WSN in IoT Environment View Abstract 13000
926 A Real time hand gesture recognition algorithm for an embedded systems View Abstract 12000
925 A Real-time Embedded Video Monitoring System View Abstract 10000
924 An Enhanced Fall Detection System for Elderly Person Monitoring using Consumer Home Network View Abstract 12000
923 IOT based Theft Premption and Security View Abstract 7000
921 Robust Railway Crack Detection Scheme Using GSM & GPS View Abstract 8000
920 Embedded Linux based License Plate Extraction From Still Images with LCD display View Abstract 12000
919 A Secure Approach of Image Encryption using QR View Abstract 12000
918 QR code steganography with secret payload enhancement View Abstract 12000
917 Usage of QR codes in web based system for the electronic market research View Abstract 12000
914 e_Plate for Vehicle registration View Abstract 5000
913 Wireless Sensor Network and Web based Information System for Asthma Trigger Factors Monitoring View Abstract 15000
912 Raspberry Pi based Interactive Home Automation System through E-mail.docx View Abstract 14000
911 Barcode and GSM based Access Control and Monitoring System View Abstract 12000
910 Design and implementation of load cell based fuel level measurement View Abstract 8000
909 Automatic Traffic announcement system over FM View Abstract 7000
908 Automatic Traffic control system View Abstract 5000
904 based air compressor pump for car bike tire inflate with pressure sensor View Abstract 9000
903 based air compressor pump for car bike tire inflate without pressure sensor View Abstract 7000
901 SET-590 An Accelerometer based Digital Pen with a Trajectory View Abstract 9500
898 Event driven automation with Android backup control View Abstract 8000
897 Android operated Intelligent AC motor speed control View Abstract 6500
896 Design of Pacemaker for Cardiac Patients View Abstract 7500
895 SEM-49. Energy meter per day min max average power measurement View Abstract 6000
892 Automatic Camera Based Eye Controlled Wheelchair System Using Orange/Raspberry Pi View Abstract 15000
890 SEM-383. Electronic Passport using RFID View Abstract 6000
889 Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracking View Abstract 12000
888 GPS based data logger and real time Vehicle Tracking with GSM View Abstract 9500
887 MEMS Accelerometer Based Nonspecific User Hand Gesture Recognition View Abstract 9000
884 Image based password authentication View Abstract 6000
883 SEM-006 Speaking micro controller for deaf and dumb View Abstract 5000
882 Microcontroller based Talking energy meter View Abstract 7000
878 SET-297. Advanced Substation monitoring and control system View Abstract 8000
876 Wind energy powered Vehicle View Abstract 12000
875 SET-04. Construction of Central Control Unit for Irrigation with voice enabled feature View Abstract 14000
874 SEM-73. RF Control of Stepper Motor View Abstract 6000
856 Fabrication of Steam Power Plant View Abstract 18000
853 SEM-218. Password based circuit breaker for industrial applications View Abstract 0
851 Advanced And Intelligent wheel chair control system for leg amputees using Joystick View Abstract 0
850 SEM-245 Smartcard based prepaid energy meter View Abstract 7500
845 A Novel Light-Sensor-Based Information Transmission View Abstract 0
844 SEM-349. Soil moisture and temperature based irrigation water pump cntrolling system View Abstract 0
842 GPS and GPRS based real time vehicle tracking on Google Earth View Abstract 15000
840 SEM-346. Automatic power failure indication system View Abstract 3500
839 SET-05 Voice operated intelligent Lift or Elevator View Abstract 16000
837 Wireless operated War field land Rover that alerts on sensing planted Land Mines View Abstract 0
836 Wireless Power Transmission View Abstract 0
835 ZigBee Based Intelligent Helmet for Coal Miners View Abstract 0
832 Touch screen controlled AC,dc,stepper motor speed and direction controlling system View Abstract 14000
830 SET-34. Zigbee or Bluetooth and Touch screen controlled PC. View Abstract 9000
827 SET-31. Touch screen based Nurse or attendant calling system View Abstract 12000
822 SET-27. Touch screen and Smart Card based prepaid Ticket View Abstract 14000
819 Intelligent train security system and auto controlling using rf View Abstract 12000
817 solar_grass_cutter View Abstract 1400
783 Industrial automation system View Abstract 0
782 Indoor navigation and positioning using LIFI Technology View Abstract 0
779 WiFi based communication and localization of an autonomous mobile robot for refinery inspection(IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
778 Smart home implementation based on Internet and WiFi technology (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
777 A power supply topology operating at highly discontinuous input voltages for two-wire connected control devices in Digital Load-Side Transmission (DLT) systems for intelligent lighting (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
776 Wireless Sensor Based Home Automation as an Educational Springboard (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
775 Wireless Colour Sensing Arm Robot (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
774 Web server for command, control and monitoring of industrial equipment (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
773 Web based Automatic Irrigation System using wireless sensor network and Embedded Linux board (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
772 Wearable Soft Artficial Skin for Hand Motion Detection with Embedded Microfludic Strain Sensing (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
771 Ultrasonic Array Sensors for Monitoring of Human Fall Detection (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
770 Towards Building an Accurate Low-Cost Biofeedback Platform using Force Sensors (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
769 The Real Time Monitoring of Water Quality in IoT Environment (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
768 The Raspberry Pi Controlled Multi-Environment Robot For Surveillance & Live Streaming (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
767 The Design and Implementation of A GSM Based User-Machine Interacted Refrigerator (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
766 Speed control of BLDC Motor with Four Switch Three Phase Inverter using Digital Signal Controller (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
765 Solar Powered Android-Based Speed Control of DC Motor via Secure Bluetooth (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
764 Smooth Switching Controllers for Reliable Induction Motor Drive Operation after Sensor Failures (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
763 Smart Phone Based Robotic Arm Control Using Raspberry Pi Android and Wi-Fi (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
762 Smart Drip Irrigation System using Raspberry pi and Arduino (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
761 Scheduler and Voice Recognition on Home Automation Control System (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
760 RoboSantral An autonomous mobile guide robot (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
759 Remote Lab Implementation on an Embedded Web Server (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
758 Real-Time Implementation of Low Cost ZigBee Based Motion Detection System (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
757 Real Time Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking System based on Embedded Linux Board and Android Application (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
756 Raspberry Pi for Automation of Water Treatment Plant (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
755 Raspberry PI Controlled SMS-Update-Notification (Sun) System (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
754 Raspberry PI Based Global Industrial Process Monitoring Through Wireless Communication (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
753 Position Control of a Bidirectional Moving Magnet Actuator Based on Contactless Hall-Effect Transducer (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
752 Portable Heart Rate Measurement for Remote Health Monitoring System (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
751 Object Tracking by PI Control and Image Processing on Embedded Systems (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
750 Non-Contact Rail Track Parameter Measurement (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
749 Multi Control Chandelier Operations Using XBee for Home Automation (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
748 Low Cost Real-Time System Monitoring Using Raspberry Pi (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
747 Low Cost Radio frequency Controlled Robot for Environmental Cleaning (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
746 Internet of Things-based Temperature Tracking System (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
745 Intelligent Interface Based Speech Recognition for Home Automation using Android Application (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 7000
744 Globally Accessible Machine Automation Using Raspberry Pi (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
743 Gesture Recognition Using Real Time EMG (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
742 From RGB led laboratory to servomotor control with websockets and IoT as educational tool (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 16000
741 Forest Fire Detection System Reliability Test Using Wireless Sensor Network and OpenMTC Communication Platform (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
740 Fall alarm and inactivity detection system design and implementation on Raspberry Pi (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
739 ECG Monitoring Using Android Mobile Phone and Bluetooth (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 8000
738 dsPIC-based Advanced Data Acquisition System for Monitoring, Control and Security Applications (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
737 Development of Tele-Alarm and Fire Protection System using Remote Terminal Unit for Nuclear Power Plant (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
736 Development of Home Automation System via Raspberry Pi (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
734 Development of a Blood Pressure Monitoring System for Home health Application (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
733 Detection of Respiratory Signals According to Different Positions Using Acceleration Sensor (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
732 Design of a Control System for a Fresh Air conditioner (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
731 Design and Operation of Wi-Fi Agribot Integrated System (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
730 Design and Implementation of Water Environment Monitoring System using GSM Technology (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
729 Design And Implementation of Real Time Web Based Geographic Polution Monitoring System (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
728 Design and Implementation of Anti-theft ATM Machine using Embedded Systems (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
727 Design and implementation of a reflection pulse oximeter in tele-monitoring system (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
726 Design and Development of Daughter Board for USB-UART Communication between Raspberry Pi and PC (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
725 Design & Development of Daughter Board for Raspberry Pi to support Bluetooth Communication using UART (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
724 Data Collector Service - Practical Approach with Embedded Linux (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
723 Cost-efficient universal Approach for Remote Meter Reading Using Web Services and Computer Vision (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
722 Computer Vision Based Vehicle Detection for Toll Collection System Using Embedded Linux (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
721 Combined Zigbee & GSM approach for AMR in Harmonic Monitoring and Assessment on Smartphone (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
720 Cloud Based Intruder Detection System (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
719 Bluetooth enabled printer adapter using raspberry pi (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
718 Battery Monitoring System by Detecting Dead Battery Cells (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
717 Autonomous Camera based Eye Controlled Wheelchair system using Raspberry-Pi (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 15000
716 Automatic Detection of Squats in Railway Track (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
715 Attendance Management System using Raspberry Pi (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
714 ARM Based Remote Monitoring and Control System for Environmental Parameters in Greenhouse (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
713 An Internet of Things Approach for Motion Detection using Raspberry Pi (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
712 An implementation of digital advertising board using mini PC (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
711 Advanced Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking System based on Raspberry Pi (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
710 Accelerating Real-time Face Detection on a Raspberry Pi Telepresence Robot (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
709 A Zigbee-Based Animal Health Monitoring System (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
708 A Wireless Tracking System for At-home Medical Equipment during Natural Disasters (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
707 A Smart System Connecting e-Health Sensors and the Cloud (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
706 A RFID Sensor for Corrosion Monitoring in Concrete (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
705 A Prototype for Agricultural Intrusion Detection Using Wireless Sensor Network (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
704 A Non Invasive Method for Calculating Calories Burned during Exercise using Heartbeat (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
703 A Low Cost Smart Irrigation Control System (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
702 A CAN protocol based embedded system to avoid rear-end collision of vehicles (IEEE 2015) View Abstract 0
701 SET-221. SMS controlled LED Scrolling message display (6 ft size) View Abstract 26000
700 SET-221. SMS controlled LED Scrolling message display (4 ft size) View Abstract 17000
699 Gesture controlled Google Earth Control using USB based PIC18F2550 Microcontroller View Abstract 9000
698 Detection and Rectification of Distorted Fingerprints View Abstract 0
697 Using Ant's Colony Algorithm for improved segmentation for number plate recognition View Abstract 0
692 Eye Blink controlled Intelligent Wheel chair View Abstract 9000
691 GPRS based SCADA implementation with fencing security and SMS alerts View Abstract 0
690 SET-621.Robust Railway Crack Detection Scheme (RRCDS) using LED-LDR Assembly using GPRS View Abstract 12000
689 Remote controlled Irrigation Water/Pesticie spraying robot View Abstract 12000
688 Design and development of hand gesture recognition system for speech impaired people View Abstract 0
687 Development of a wearable sensing glove for measuring the motion of fingers using linear potentiometers and flexible wires View Abstract 0
686 A wearable gesture recognition device for detecting muscular activities based on air-pressure sensors View Abstract 0
685 Proof of concept for robot-aided upper limb rehabilitation using disturbance observers View Abstract 0
684 A state-space EMG model for the estimation of continuous joint movements View Abstract 0
683 EMG and kinematic responses to unexpected slips after slip training in virtual reality View Abstract 0
682 An intelligent recovery progress evaluation system for acl reconstructed subjects using integrated 3-d kinematics and EMG features View Abstract 0
681 Signal-quality indices for the electrocardiogram and photoplethysmogram: derivation and applications to wireless monitoring View Abstract 0
680 A wide linear output range biopotential amplifier for physiological measurement frontend View Abstract 0
679 Low-power wireless ECG acquisition and Classification system for body sensor networks View Abstract 8000
678 Toward ubiquitous blood pressure monitoring via pulse transit time: theory and practice View Abstract 0
677 Model-based mean arterial pressure estimation using simultaneous electrocardiogram and oscillometric blood pressure measurements View Abstract 0
676 Real-time closed-loop control of human heart rate and blood pressure View Abstract 10000
675 Coexistence of zigbee-based WBAN and WiFi for health telemonitoring systems View Abstract 0
674 Implementation of a wireless ECG acquisition soc for IEEE 802.15.4 (zigbee) applications View Abstract 9000
673 An implantable RFID sensor tag toward continuous glucose monitoring View Abstract 0
672 A triple-loop inductive power transmission system for biomedical applications View Abstract 0
671 RFID technology for continuous monitoring of physiological signals in small animals. View Abstract 0
670 Adaptive routing for dynamic on-body wireless sensor networks. View Abstract 0
669 Temporal analysis and remote monitoring of ECG signal View Abstract 8000
668 RFID-based automatic scoring system for physical fitness testing. View Abstract 0
667 Piezo Electric based Foot Step Power Generation with voltage display View Abstract 6000
666 Mobile Phone signal detector (Mobile Bug) View Abstract 2500
665 High intensity P10 LED Matrix display based scrolling notice board View Abstract 10000
664 Mouse scroll wheel controlled Lamp dimmer with Home automation View Abstract 12000
663 Mouse controlled Home automation View Abstract 10000
662 Mouse Controlled Robot using Microcontroller View Abstract 10000
661 Talking Color Sensor for Blind View Abstract 5000
660 Talking BP (Blood Pressure) and Heartrate meter based on Microcontroller for Blind View Abstract 16000
659 Android Smart phone controlled Microcontroller based Audio Player View Abstract 8000
658 Arduino Uno based Temperature Monitoring and Control View Abstract 5000
657 8x8 matrix led display based temperature and humidity monitoring View Abstract 9000
656 Barcode and Finger Print based Attendance Monitoring System View Abstract 14000
653 Talking Temperature and Humidity using Microcontroller View Abstract 9000
652 Talking clock using Microcontroller View Abstract 9000
651 Digital compass based Missile tracking with adjustable tracking angle View Abstract 9000
650 Humidity and temperature monitoring system View Abstract 2500
649 Wireless RF based earth quake monitoring and alerting system View Abstract 5000
648 RF based wireless fire extinguisher vehicle View Abstract 7500
647 RF based wireless home automation View Abstract 3500
646 IR TV remote controlled home automation View Abstract 3000
645 IR TV remote controlled robot with Night Vision View Abstract 3500
644 RF based vibrating calling bell for duff ( people with hearing problem) View Abstract 4000
643 Earth quake detection and alam using buzzer View Abstract 2500
642 Earth quake sensing and sms and buzzer alarm View Abstract 6000
641 Home security with door/window vibration sensor and sms alert. View Abstract 7000
640 Wifi based earthquake alerting system View Abstract 8000
639 Wifi based indoor fire alerting on android smart phone View Abstract 6000
638 GPS enabled metal detector (under sea metal search) View Abstract 9000
637 ESP8266 wifi based boiling water temprature display on android phone/tablet View Abstract 6000
636 Blood Pressure + Temperature + Heart rate display on LCD View Abstract 11000
635 Wifi and Android smart phone controller AC motor speed controller (Lamp dimmer) View Abstract 8000
634 Low Cost WiFi and Android Smart Phone controlled Irrigation Motor (3 phase) View Abstract 8000
633 Low cost Wifi Home Automation from android smart phone/tablet. (esp8266) View Abstract 7000
632 Low cost Wifi robot controlled from android smart phone/tablet. (esp8266) View Abstract 7000
631 realtime gprs irrigation monitoring using Raspberry Pi. View Abstract 15000
630 Raspberry Pi single board computer for Smart City applications. View Abstract 18000
629 Wireless Mouse operated Robotic arm with 4 degrees of freedom. View Abstract 15000
628 Wireless Mouse Controlled Raspberry Pi Robot. View Abstract 15000
627 IoT (Internet of Things) based home automation using Raspberry Pi/Beaglebone Black. View Abstract 15000
626 motion activated alaram that sends intruder image as email attachement. View Abstract 15000
624 Raspberry/beagle bone based audio/visual calling bell. View Abstract 14000
623 Raspi based Automatic Traffic signal status announcement system over FM transmitter. Useful in foggy/snow weather conditions. View Abstract 14000
622 Design and construction of Raspi based weather announcement system of FM radio transmission View Abstract 12000
621 Raspberry Pi (ARM11) based speaking distance meter for blind and engineering measurements. View Abstract 12000
620 Raspberry Pi based Text to Speech assistant for blind. View Abstract 12000
619 GPS data logger using Linux single board computer. View Abstract 13000
618 Android driven smart thermal printer. View Abstract 12000
617 Designing of a Permanent Magnet Generator for a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine View Abstract 12000
616 GSM based Vehicle Tracking System with accident Notification View Abstract 0
615 CAN based real time implementation in automobile View Abstract 0
614 Microcontroller based automatic drip irrigation system View Abstract 7000
613 Enhanced Accident Detection and victim Status indicating system (IEEE 2012) View Abstract 12000
612 WiFi based wireless power theft monitoring system View Abstract 11000
611 Multitasking Hardware control using embedded Linux. View Abstract 10000
610 Raspberry Pi based Robot control. View Abstract 11000
609 Raspberry Pi based Home automation. View Abstract 12000
608 Student attendance monitoring and access control using Embedded Linux OS based single board computer. View Abstract 14000
607 Android Smart and Raspberry Pi interfacing over Bluetooth Serial Protocol. View Abstract 9500
606 Android Smart and Raspberry Pi interfacing over advanced WiFi Protocol. View Abstract 12000
605 Autonomous Robot using Embedded ARM based Linux OS. View Abstract 12000
604 GSM Modem based automation using Realtime embedded OS. View Abstract 14000
603 RFID interfacing with Raspberry Pi (Embedded Linux) View Abstract 9500
602 Wireless control of Robot with video survalance (Embedded Linux) View Abstract 14000
601 Robotic arm design using embedded linux (Linux RTOS) View Abstract 16000
600 Embedded Linux based DC Motor Control System View Abstract 9000
599 Raspberry Pi and WiFi based Industrial Autoamtion. View Abstract 12000
598 Image processing based Vehicle Number plate recognition and alerting system View Abstract 12500
597 Wireless powered raspberry Pi. View Abstract 15000
596 MMA7660 I2C based MEMS Accelerometer Controlled Robot based on ARM11. View Abstract 14000
595 GPS data logger using Linux single board computer View Abstract 12000
594 Embedded Linux based door access control system. View Abstract 12000
593 PIR Sensor triggered image capturing system. View Abstract 14000
592 Video surveillance based on Linux Embedded Mini computer. View Abstract 12000
591 Embedded Linux based Energy Meter. View Abstract 12000
590 Solar powered Raspberry Pi for automation. View Abstract 14000
589 RasPi based liquid flow monitoring and control system View Abstract 14000
588 Location-Aware and Safer Cards: Enhancing RFID Security and Privacy via Location Sensing (IEEE - 2013) View Abstract 13000
587 Full Software Radio transceivers (IEEE - 2013) View Abstract 14000
586 Development of Fire alarm system using Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno (IEEE - 2013) View Abstract 14000
585 Bluetooth communication using a touchscreen interface with the Raspberry Pi (IEEE-2013) View Abstract 14000
584 Using of Raspberry Pi for data acquisition from biochemical analyzers (IEEE 2013) View Abstract 14000
583 Automated electric meter reading and monitoring system using ZigBee-integrated raspberry Pi single board computer via Modbus (IEEE - 2014) View Abstract 14000
582 Android based smart home system with control via Bluetooth and internet connectivity (IEEE - 2014) View Abstract 6000
581 Face identification implementation in a standalone embedded system (IEEE - 2014) View Abstract 12000
580 Design and implementation of a low-cost embedded Linux gateway for smart home health monitoring (IEEE 2014) View Abstract 16000
579 Design of a RFID-based speed monitoring system for road vehicles in Brunei Darussalam (IEEE-2014) View Abstract 15000
578 An enhanced fall detection system for elderly person monitoring using consumer home networks (IEEE - 2014) View Abstract 13000
577 Design of Greenhouse Temperature Detection System Based on Linear Offset Interference (IEEE - 2014) View Abstract 14000
576 Design of tracked robot with remote control for surveillance (IEEE-2014) View Abstract 16000
575 Liquid level control of Coca-Cola bottles using an automated system (IEEE - 2014) View Abstract 12000
574 Smart home automation system for energy efficient housing (IEEE - 2014) View Abstract 14000
573 Real Time Operating System on embedded linux with ultrasonic sensor for mobile robot (IEEE - 2014) View Abstract 13000
572 A plug-n-play internet enabled platform for real time image processing (IEEE-2014) View Abstract 16000
571 ARM Based Implementation of Text-to-Speech (TTS) for Real Time Embedded System (IEEE - 2014) View Abstract 15000
570 Raspberry Pi as a Wireless Sensor node: Performances and constraints (IEEE-2014) View Abstract 17000
569 Design of a solar tracking system for renewable energy (IEEE-2014) View Abstract 14000
568 Raspberry Pi based interactive home automation system through E-mail (IEEE-2014) View Abstract 13000
567 The design and implementation of circuit breaker on-line monitoring device (IEEE - 2014) View Abstract 15000
566 Optical Flow Motion Detection on Raspberry Pi (IEEE-2014) View Abstract 16000
565 ARM11 based RFID access control system with Live Image Capture (SOOXMA-2015) View Abstract 16000
564 Real time metroplitan bus positionin system desing using GPS and GSM (IEEE-2014) View Abstract 16000
563 Vehicle location finder using Global position system and Global System for Mobile (IEEE Aug 2014) View Abstract 16000
562 An emergency rescue dispatch system for road vehicles for instant notification of road accidents and post crash analysis (IEEE May, 2014) View Abstract 16000
561 Banana Pro based Fire Extinguisher Vehicle with Wireless control. View Abstract 22000
560 Banana Pi based image streaming Grass Cutter vehicle. View Abstract 25000
559 Banana Pi based Live Video display Robot with Android based remote control. View Abstract 19000
558 Raspberry Pi based RFID and GSM based attendance monitoring system. View Abstract 12000
557 Banana Pi based Image Processing Robot. View Abstract 18000
556 Banana Pi based GSM GPS Vehicle Tracking System. View Abstract 14000
555 Raspberry pi based Temperature and Humidity with display on LCD with Relay Control. View Abstract 10000
554 Raspberry pi based wireless device switching using 433MHz RF Controller View Abstract 9000
553 Raspberry pi ARM11 based industrial Security System with Gas and Fire Sensors View Abstract 9500
552 Raspberry pi ARM11 Selft Navigating Robot View Abstract 11000
551 Raspberry pi ARM11 home automation over Bluetooth and Android View Abstract 11000
549 Android controlled Fire Extinguisher Vehicle View Abstract 8000
548 EEPROM based prepaid Energy meter View Abstract 5000
547 Baby incubator temperature control View Abstract 6000
546 Wireless RF 433MHz secure device control View Abstract 5000
545 Sooxma's Wireless Power Transfer with 230V Lamp load View Abstract 15000
544 Pedal powered water pump by sooxma technologies View Abstract 18000
543 Efficient Foot step power generation View Abstract 14000
541 Embedded Linux based License Plate Extraction From Still Images with LCD display View Abstract 15000
540 Fabrication of Solar wood and Metal Cutting Hacksaw View Abstract 12000
539 Mechanical2 Projects List View Abstract 0
538 Android Smart Phone and Thermal Printer based Restaurent Menu Ordering System View Abstract 13000
537 Sixth sense technology based home automation using Raspberry/Orange Pi View Abstract 12000
536 PIC Microcontroller and 128x64 GLCD based TouchScreen Keyboard and Drawing View Abstract 20000
535 TFT lcd touch screen with ARM Cortex controller View Abstract 15000
534 Digital Blood Pressure monitoring on GLCD with ARM microcontroller View Abstract 15000
533 Zigbee Wireless Robot with camera View Abstract 9500
532 Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection Autonomous Robot View Abstract 6000
531 Microcontroller based automatic real time college bell View Abstract 12000
530 Construction of UPS for PC with 1.5 hrs (90 minutes) backup View Abstract 25000
528 Microcontroller based stepper motor speed Contrl View Abstract 4000
527 GSM based advanced ATM system View Abstract 12000
526 Vehicle count and speed display system using RFID View Abstract 9000
525 LPS gas leakage sensor and alerting system View Abstract 3000
524 Ultrasonic assistant for blind with Buzzer View Abstract 3000
523 Speeking microcontroller for dumb View Abstract 5000
522 DTMF Mobile phone Controlled Robot View Abstract 4000
521 Automatic conveyer belt object counter View Abstract 3500
520 ARM LPC2148 based wireless temperature data logger View Abstract 9000
519 Arduino and GSM based Temperature Monitoring and Control View Abstract 8000
518 Zigbee based secure access with stepper motor View Abstract 8000
517 Power transformer over load protection View Abstract 8000
516 Community solar power station control View Abstract 10000
514 Priority based power supply for electrical distribution system View Abstract 9500
513 WiFi based voltage and current graph View Abstract 7000
512 RFIDroid RFID & Android based access control systm View Abstract 14000
511 DTMF robot with wheels View Abstract 4000
510 Sign language communication using flex sensors View Abstract 8000
509 IGBT buck converter using microcontroller View Abstract 7000
508 Android Bluetooth Robot with LPC2148 ARM Microcontroller View Abstract 9000
507 Touch screen based wireless Library book issue system View Abstract 8000
506 Android Speech recognition LED scrolling display View Abstract 8000
505 Touch screen restaurant menu automation View Abstract 9500
504 Solar powered Robot with cable cutter View Abstract 9000
503 WiFi Digital Sign Notice Board Controlled by Android Phone and Raspberry pi View Abstract 16000
502 SET-625. Automatic Ambulance Rescue System View Abstract 10000
501 RFID based Access Control System View Abstract 5000
500 CAN Communication Vehicles View Abstract 7500
498 ARM LPC2148 Fingerprint (Biometric) based Security Access Control View Abstract 12000
497 Sooxma Realtime Solar Tracker (20 Watts) View Abstract 14000
496 Android SMART Phone Controlled Robot View Abstract 4500
495 Automatic LDR based Street Light Controlling using comparator View Abstract 3000
494 Touchscreen Controlled Wireless Robot by Sooxma Technologies View Abstract 7000
493 Automatic bottle dispensing (Vending) machine View Abstract 12000
492 RFID and GSM based Student Attendance Monitoring System View Abstract 12000
491 Automatic Power Factor Measurement and Control System View Abstract 14000
490 Android Remote Controlled Bluetooth Wireless LED Scrolling Display (4 ft x 1ft) View Abstract 18000
489 Automatic Railway Gate Control View Abstract 4500
488 RFIDroid - Android and RFID based Realltime Access control System. View Abstract 15000
487 Android Bluetooth Controlled RGB LED Mood Light View Abstract 4000
486 Microcontroller based temperature control View Abstract 5500
485 Microcontroller based automatic real time college bell (with solar and Inverter) View Abstract 12000
484 Microcontroller based automatic real time college bell View Abstract 8000
483 MEMS Head movement controlled Robot with Device Control View Abstract 12000
482 WiFi Digital Sign Notice Board Controlled by Android Phone and Raspberry pi View Abstract 16000
481 Raspberry pi home automation over wifi and Android View Abstract 12000
480 Realtime Wheel Chair Joystick Controlled View Abstract 26000
479 Auto Metro train system View Abstract 9500
478 CAN based Vehicle security and monitoring System View Abstract 9500
477 Intelligent pollution alert system View Abstract 7000
476 WiFi based Weighing Scale Reading System using Android Smart Phone View Abstract 8000
475 Android Smart Phone and WiFi based Smart Energy Meter Reading System View Abstract 9000
474 SET-474. PC controlled wireless Pick and Place Speaking Robot View Abstract 13000
473 SET-473. PC based Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger using Zigbee Protocol View Abstract 7000
472 SET-472. MEMS Accelerometer controlled tilt sensing for Avionics applications View Abstract 8000
471 SET-471. Implementation of tire Pressure Monitoring System with wireless communication View Abstract 9000
470 SET-470. Dual Security Access control system Using Finger Print and Keypad for Bank Locker View Abstract 8000
469 SET-469. Tongue controlled speaking robot for paralysed/physically handicapped persons View Abstract 9000
468 SET-468. Solar-Assisted wireless communication assistant for DumbIlliterates in Airlines View Abstract 12000
467 SET-467. Closed loop pressure monitoring and controlling system View Abstract 12000
466 SET-466. Autonomous Mobile Platform II with artificial intelligence using digital compass and GPS View Abstract 18000
465 SET-465. Advanced Electronic Voting Machine using GPRS View Abstract 12000
464 SET-464. Wireless electronic tourist self locator View Abstract 9500
463 SET-463. Forest fire and rainfall monitoring system using GSM technology View Abstract 6000
462 SET-462. Design and construction of voice operated mobile phone for people with no hands. View Abstract 14000
461 SET-461. Closed loop pressure monitoring and controlling system View Abstract 14000
460 SET-460. Hand held deivce to control the home appliances and voice command announcements for dumb View Abstract 14000
459 SET-459. Stimulation of paralyzed muscle using IR with intensity varying features. View Abstract 9500
457 SET-457. Centrlized energy meter for display distance at 30meters - Avoiding tampering of electrical View Abstract 0
456 SET-456. Embedded PIC MC based_Electronic Trivector Meter View Abstract 0
455 SET-455. Solor based self powered high efficient Line following robot with obstacle avoidance View Abstract 0
454 SET-454. Servo Motor Control using mobile phone. View Abstract 0
451 SET-451. Controlling of exhaust fan based on Smoke and Gas intensity in industries. View Abstract 4000
450 SET-450. Temp based speed control of exhaust fan using triac View Abstract 8000
449 SET-449. Four Channel Fault Announciation for Industries View Abstract 0
448 SET-448. Feeder Protection From Over Load View Abstract 7000
447 SET-447. speed control of exhaust fan using rf remote View Abstract 8000
445 SET-445. Protection of power transformer using microcontroller-based relay View Abstract 8000
444 SET-444. Microcontroller based smart charge controller for standalone solar photovoltaic power system View Abstract 0
443 SET-443. Intelligent Navigation Robot for industrial applications View Abstract 16000
442 SET-442. Power Management using Bidirectional counter with maximum capacity alarm View Abstract 7000
441 SET-441. Solar based automatic water level sensing and water pumping system View Abstract 12000
440 SET-440. Activity monitoring system using Dynamic Time Warping for the elderly and disabled people View Abstract 9000
439 SET-439. Ethernet protocol based Automatic temperature measurement and control View Abstract 11000
438 SET-438. Ethernet Controlled Industrial Devices View Abstract 9500
437 SET-437. Ethernet based medical parameters monitoring system View Abstract 9500
436 SET-436. Ethernet protocol based SCADA on PC View Abstract 10500
435 SET-435. Advanced BMI Calculator with under and over weight alerts View Abstract 14000
434 SET-434. Design of a low cost helmet mounted dead recokning navigation system View Abstract 8000
432 SET-432. Pen drive to pen drive date transfer made easy without PC View Abstract 12000
431 SET-431. USB communication based SCADA on PC View Abstract 9000
430 SET-430. PC Controlled Industrial Devices using USB communication View Abstract 9000
429 SET-429. USB communication based heart rate monitoring on PC View Abstract 9000
428 SET-428. USB communication Automatic temperature measurement and control View Abstract 9000
427 SET-427. Programmable Drilling machine View Abstract 17000
426 SET-426. A Hypertension Management System with Emergency Monitoring View Abstract 12000
425 SET-425. Wireless electronic tourist guide system based on microcontroller View Abstract 9000
424 SET-424. Low Power Scheduled Alarm System Using Embedded Microcontroller with USB Interface View Abstract 12000
423 SET-423. Computing Technology Used In Retrieval Of Patient View Abstract 8000
422 SET-422. Blood pressure blood glucose level monitoring on LCD. View Abstract 22000
421 SET-421. Pedestrian Navigation System with Fall Detection and Energy Expenditure Calculation View Abstract 12000
420 SET-420. Heart-rate analyser on color GLCD using ARM cortex. View Abstract 18000
419 SET-419. Solar Tracker Robot using Microcontroller View Abstract 12000
418 SET-418. Wireless operated War field land Rover that alerts on sensing planted Land Mines View Abstract 12000
417 SET-417. Robot controlling wirelessly through WiFi and Android Smart Phone View Abstract 6000
416 SET-416. Design and Implementation of intelligent Urban Irrigation System View Abstract 8000
415 SET-415. Remote Controlled Screw Jack View Abstract 9000
414 SET-414. Wireless Power Factor monitoring and controlling through PC View Abstract 16000
413 SET-413. GPS based Geo weather data logging in 2GB Memory card View Abstract 9000
412 SET-412. WiFi based Wireless Heart rate monitoring and alerting system with Android View Abstract 6000
411 IoT based ICU patients monitoring system using WiFi Heart rate temperature and Oxygen level View Abstract 9500
410 SET-410. Advanced Electronic Voting Machine with realtime implimentation. View Abstract 9000
409 SET-409. WiFi based advanced Home Automation system using Android Smart Phone View Abstract 7000
408 SET-408. Hand talk using flex sensor View Abstract 11000
407 SET-407. Industrial parameters monitoring and crane controlling using Zigbee View Abstract 9000
406 SET-406. Transformer load sharing with SMS alerting. View Abstract 9000
405 SET-405. TV remote based Attender calling system View Abstract 4000
404 SET-404. Zigbee based power management system View Abstract 9000
403 SET-403. GPRS based single phase fault monitoring and SMS alert View Abstract 14000
402 SET-402. Design and construction of parabolic solar reflectors View Abstract 0
401 SET-401.Speech recognition based Wheel chair with elevated features View Abstract 14000
400 SET-400. RFID based patient data monitoring View Abstract 9000
399 SET-399. Bomb displacing robot with wireless video camera controlled form PC_Laptop View Abstract 13000
398 SET-398. Location based vehicle speed controlling using RF View Abstract 9500
397 SET-397. Multi-Purpose Advance Digital Code Lock System View Abstract 0
396 SET-396. Bank token number announce system View Abstract 8000
395 SET-395. Water level indicator on LCD View Abstract 4000
394 SET-394. I-Button & keypad based lock system View Abstract 8000
393 SET-393. RFID based bus name annoucement system View Abstract 7000
392 SET-392. Tongue controlled speaking micro controller View Abstract 4000
391 SET-391.I-Button & magnetic based lock system View Abstract 8000
390 SET-390.Anti sleep alarm for students View Abstract 7000
389 SET-389.Highly sensitive ear View Abstract 7000
388 SET-388.DTMF 3-phase irrigation Control with Feedback View Abstract 8000
387 SET-387. I-Button & keypad based DC motor door lock system View Abstract 8000
386 SET-386. Wireless device switching using user independent voice comands for blind persons. (VR bot a View Abstract 0
385 SET-385.An internet based interactive embedded acquisition for real time applications View Abstract 0
384 SET-384. Braille Reader View Abstract 0
383 SET-383. Development of vision system to a humanoid Robot View Abstract 0
381 SET-381. PC controlled multipurpose Robot View Abstract 8000
380 SET-380. MEMS based Step Counter . View Abstract 4500
379 SET-379. PC controlled wireless pick & place Robot with video camera View Abstract 0
378 SET-378. USB interfacing to PIC microcontroller for digital device controlling View Abstract 8000
376 SET-376. Body movement recognition and alerting system based on Flex sensor View Abstract 0
375 SET-375. GPRS based SCADA with high Voltage, multi Sensors protection with human detection View Abstract 0
374 SET-374. Wireless enabled valve opening and closing system that works only at specific locations on View Abstract 0
373 SET-373. Zigbee and PC controlled Notice Board LED display View Abstract 0
371 SET-371. Voice actuated hospital bed control system View Abstract 0
370 SET-370. Wireless operated Fire extinguisher vehicles with water jet spray View Abstract 8500
368 SET-368. MEMS Accelerometer based Head movement controlled Firefight iRobot View Abstract 13000
367 SET-367. GPS and RF based indoor and outdoor navigation system View Abstract 13000
366 SET-366. GPRS based SCADA implementation for industrial applications View Abstract 11000
365 SET-365. RFID based vehicle tracking and accident notification View Abstract 12000
364 SET-364. Gestures controlled Intelligent Wheel chair with device switching View Abstract 12000
363 SET-363. RF based advanced wireless home automation system View Abstract 7000
362 SET-362. PC operated wireless War field Robot View Abstract 13000
361 SET-361. Intelligently Investigate Pipe-line Robot View Abstract 22000
360 SET-360. Indoor wireless person tracking and voice enabled announcement system View Abstract 0
359 SET-359. Home Security With Voice Alerts & Virtual Keypad Authentication View Abstract 0
358 SET-358. Providing Group Tour Guide by RFIDs and Wireless Sensor Networks View Abstract 0
357 SET-357. Computer Controlled wireless pick and place Robot View Abstract 0
356 SET-356. Speech recognition controlled wireless pick and place Robot View Abstract 15000
355 SET-355. Personalized area human positioning system View Abstract 0
354 SET-354. PC based digital notice board with display on LCD using RS-485 Protocol View Abstract 9500
353 SET-353. Gesture controlled wireless spy Robo with video capture View Abstract 12000
352 SET-352. Design of ultra low cost cell phone based embedded system for irrigation View Abstract 0
351 SET-351. Wireless finger print access control system based on Zigbee technology View Abstract 9500
348 SET-348. Mine detecting robot with help of proximity sensors. View Abstract 8000
347 SET-347. Bomb detecting robot with metal detection sensor. View Abstract 8000
346 SET-346. Wheel chair move ment control using tongue View Abstract 7000
345 SET-345. Voice activated multi purpose robot View Abstract 12000
344 SET-344. Touch screen based home automation with door controlling View Abstract 9000
342 SET-342. Finger print and keypad based security access control system View Abstract 9000
341 SET-341. Automatic LDR based window blind control system View Abstract 4000
340 SET-340. Maximum demand controller & fault alerting for industries View Abstract 9000
339 SET-339. Cost Effective Wireless Attendence and Access Control System View Abstract 7000
338 SET-338. GPS based station name display with door control View Abstract 8000
337 SET-337. Remote home monitoring through internet and controlling using RF. View Abstract 14000
336 SET-336. A multi agent multi sensor based security system for intelligent building View Abstract 7000
335 SET-335. Auto-Credit Energy Metering System using mifare card View Abstract 0
334 SET-334. IR Remote controlled Irrigation water pump controller with single phasing protection View Abstract 8000
333 SET-333. GSM based wireless Substation Fuse blown Indicator View Abstract 6500
332 SET-332. Hall Effect sensor based non-contact Tachometer for electrical motors speed measurement View Abstract 4500
331 SET-331. Microcontroller based refrigeration control system View Abstract 6000
330 SET-330. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) based DC Motor Closed loop Speed Controller View Abstract 4000
329 SET-329. Solar Tracker with Stepper Motor Control View Abstract 0
328 SET-328. Electrical Data (voltage, current, frequency, temperature) Logger View Abstract 0
327 SET-327. Implementation of wireless sensors network based industrial temperature monitoring system View Abstract 0
326 SET-326. Dual (active and standby) Lithium-ion battery charger for continuous non-interrupted power View Abstract 9500
325 SET-325. Touch screen operated industrial oil dispensing system (OIL SCADA) View Abstract 0
324 SET-324. Wireless electrical devices monitoring and controlling system for industrial applications View Abstract 7000
323 SET-323. Frequency Locked Loop (FLL) Motor speed monitoring and control system View Abstract 0
322 SET-322. Timer based automatic power cutoff for industrial sealing/packaging machines View Abstract 0
321 SET-321. Timer based Electrical Oven temperature monitoring and control for Metal Industries View Abstract 0
320 SET-320. DC Motors speed synchronization for rolling mills. (With two motors with display on LCD) View Abstract 7000
318 SET-318. High voltage fuse blown indicator with display on PC with optical isolation between PC and HV bus bars View Abstract 9000
317 SET-317. High voltage fuse blown indicator with Voice based announcement system View Abstract 0
316 SET-316. Hazardous chemical valve control system with stepper motor and RC5 remote control View Abstract 5000
315 SET-315. 4-wired resistive touch screen controlled lamp dimmer for next generation apartments View Abstract 7000
314 SET-314. Street Light monitoring and control system using GSM based mobile phone View Abstract 6000
313 SET-313. Wireless Touch Screen based Industrial digital devices control system. This project is to build a Graphical LCD Touchscree Interface for switching electrical devices. View Abstract 9000
312 SET-312. Intelligent dam/reservoir water monitoring and control system based on GSM View Abstract 7000
311 SET-311. Wireless Energy Meter reading on hand-held device based on RF Transceiver View Abstract 9000
310 SET-310. Energy conservation system for corporate computers and lighting systems using PIR View Abstract 7000
309 SET-309. Zigbee based wireless Energy Meter reading and logging system on PC View Abstract 8000
308 SET-308. Energy Meter reading system on LCD using Zigbee based wireless communication View Abstract 8000
307 SET-307. 3-phase irrigation water pump controller for illiterates using dual GSM Modems View Abstract 9000
306 SET-306. Motor speed monitors and control system using GSM modem View Abstract 7500
305 SET-305. Touch Screen based advanced steal industry oven temperature monitoring and control system View Abstract 9000
304 SET-304. Intelligent irrigation water system controlling system with GSM technology and soil moistur View Abstract 8500
303 SET-303. Touch screen based advanced industrial/power grid automation system (wireless) View Abstract 12000
302 SET-302. RF transceiver based wireless Electrical Devices monitoring and controlling system View Abstract 9500
301 SET-301. Touch screen based advanced industrial/power grid automation system (wired) View Abstract 7000
300 SET-300. Multiple Device Control in industry based on Change in Input Frequency View Abstract 8000
299 SET-299. Industrial/power grid electrical parameter Data Acquisition system through wireless technol View Abstract 9500
298 SET-298. Speed and direction control of dual stepper motors using ZIGBEE Technology View Abstract 8000
297 SET-297. Advanced Substation monitoring and control system View Abstract 8000
296 SET-296. Wireless power theft monitoring with automatic circuit breaker system and indication at local substations View Abstract 7000
295 SET-295. Wireless power meter monitoring system with automatic tariff calculation on handheld device View Abstract 8000
294 SET-294. Microcontroller based automatic single phasing preventing system for 3-phase industrial Loads View Abstract 8000
293 SET-293. Automatic irrigation water control system with moisture sensor and sprinkler control View Abstract 7000
292 SET-292. POWER GRID devices monitoring and controlling system using GSM technology View Abstract 8000
291 SET-291. Multiple Transformers oil temperature monitoring with automatic circuit breaker operation with SMS Alerts View Abstract 7000
290 SET-290. Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger View Abstract 7000
289 SET-289. Smart Fan using PIR sensor (Auto ON/OFF based on Human Presense) View Abstract 4000
288 SET-288. Energy meter monitoring and control system using SMS technology View Abstract 8000
287 SET-287. Energy meter data logging system with Real-time clock and KWH readings. Very useful for historic data logging. View Abstract 9000
286 SET-286. On-line Monitoring System for Transmission Line Conductor parameters View Abstract 9500
285 SET-285. On-line Temperature Monitoring of Conductors and Fittings Based on GSM and GPS View Abstract 12500
284 SET-284. SCADA implementation based on wireless RF technology View Abstract 8000
283 SET-283. A Wireless Data Acquisition and Transmission System Design View Abstract 12000
282 SET-282. Mobile phone controlled password protected Industrial Rolling mills Motor speed and direction control View Abstract 13000
281 SET-281. mobile phone for multi purpose View Abstract 9000
280 SET-280. Controlling AC lamp Dimmer through Mobile Phone View Abstract 7000
279 SET-279. Resistive Touch screen controlled contact less speed monitoring and controlling of dc motor View Abstract 9500
278 SET-278. Embedded safety for residence using GSM View Abstract 9500
277 SET-277. Password enabled pre-paid liquid/milk dispensing system View Abstract 7000
276 SET-276. Power factor correction and alerts through the GSM technology View Abstract 14000
275 SET-275. Remote Controllable Energy saving room architecture based on Zigbee View Abstract 8000
274 SET-274. Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using IR (PWM) View Abstract 4500
273 SET-273. Self-Monitored Industrial Appliance Monitoring System and remote data acquisition View Abstract 12000
272 SET-272. GSM based energy meter monitoring with display on PC and mobile View Abstract 9500
271 SET-271. Industrial gas leakage detector & auto dialing controller system View Abstract 6000
270 SET-270. GPRS based real time home/industrial critical devices status (Wired) View Abstract 14000
269 SET-269. Design and Construction of Ultrasonic sensor View Abstract 4000
268 SET-268. Monitoring and controlling of temperature at threshold value using GSM technology View Abstract 8000
267 SET-267.Target Acquisition by a hands free wireless tilt mouse View Abstract 8500
266 SET-266. GSM based industrial device security system based on RFID View Abstract 12000
265 SET-265. RFID Enabled tour assistant system with Voice module View Abstract 12000
264 SET-264. Landmines detection robot with Wireless RF technology View Abstract 9000
263 SET-263. Touch screen operated password protected liquid dispensing system View Abstract 12000
262 SET-262. GSM based door sensor alerting system View Abstract 6500
261 SET-261. Smart card based security access control system View Abstract 7000
260 SET-260. Radar velocity measuring system design and high speed alert intimation through SMS View Abstract 11000
259 SET-259. Dual GSM Modems based irrigation water pump controller for illiterates View Abstract 12000
258 SET-258. Obstacle Avoidance and Manhole detection Electronic travel aid Robot for blind View Abstract 11000
257 SET-257. Industrial security System based on LPG gas, Smoke and Fire Sensors with SMS based alerts View Abstract 8000
256 SET-256. Automatic power meter reading using GSM network View Abstract 8500
255 SET-255. GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation management Services View Abstract 11000
254 SET-254. Industrial monitoring and controlling system using GSM with fencing auto alerts View Abstract 8000
253 SET-253. GSM based Heart beat monitoring View Abstract 6500
252 SET-252. Real time Heart-rate monitoring with display on LCD View Abstract 4000
251 SET-251. Transformer oil temperature monitoring with automatic Circuit Breaker operation View Abstract 5000
250 SET-250. Industrial SCADA based on Zigbee for temperature and water level sensor View Abstract 0
249 SET-249. Voice commands based intelligent robot - SET - 158 View Abstract 0
248 SET-248. MMC/SD key security system for industrial machinery access View Abstract 0
247 SET-247. View Abstract 0
246 SET-246. Industrial temperature and Electrical data into 2GB MMC with real time monitoring using GSM View Abstract 0
245 SET-245. Real-time industrial automation based on GSM and wireless Zigbee View Abstract 0
244 SET-244. Voice controlled 230V lamp dimmer with 10 levels of intensity control View Abstract 0
243 SET-243. Online data logging of device status and temperature using GPRS View Abstract 0
242 SET-242. GSM based SCADA implementation for industrial applications with fencing security system View Abstract 0
240 Machinery access control system for illiterates with image based password with Touch screen View Abstract 6000
239 SET-239. Advanced wireless industrial automation system based on Bluetooth View Abstract 0
238 SET-238. Energy Tapping Identifier through Wireless Data Acquisition System View Abstract 0
237 SET-237. Digital RPM Indicator for Electrical Motor with Over speed alarm Indicator View Abstract 3500
236 SET-236. Realtime Car battery monitoring and low voltage alert system View Abstract 4500
235 SET-235. Obstacle detection robot with mechanical sensing switches View Abstract 0
234 SET-234. Wall Follower Robot View Abstract 0
232 SET-232. Wireless touchscreen based multi-patient health monitoring system for corporate hospitals View Abstract 0
231 SET-231. MEMS Accelerometer based Tilt Operated wireless phonebook copying to PC View Abstract 0
230 SET-230. Wearable technology for wireless gadgets control View Abstract 0
229 SET-229. Wireless Digital Camera Controller. Using this project the digital camera can be controlled View Abstract 0
228 SET-228. Solar data logger into MMC/SD Memory Card View Abstract 9000
227 SET-227. ECG Recording on a Bed During Sleep View Abstract 8000
226 SET-226. Google Android operated Smart Home View Abstract 6000
225 SET-225. Android phone Accelerometer sensor based Robot Navigator View Abstract 0
224 SET-224. Smart phone Android Operated Robot View Abstract 4500
223 SET-223. Missile detection and auto destroy system View Abstract 0
222 SET-222. Android 2.1 mobile based AC 230V Fan speed control system View Abstract 0
221 SET-221. SMS controlled LED Scrolling message display (2 ft size) View Abstract 6500
220 SET-220. GPRS based real time data logger onto live website with SMS based realtime device control View Abstract 0
219 SET-219. GPRS (Web) based Energy Meter real time Energy Meter monitoring system View Abstract 12000
218 SET-218. Android based real time lamp dimmer over blue tooth View Abstract 6000
216 SET-216. Zigbee controlled Boat with wireless video and voice transmission with night vision capabil View Abstract 0
215 SET-215. Speech recognition system based powered devices control system View Abstract 0
214 SET-214. J2ME Java Enabled mobile phone controlled Bluetooth Robot View Abstract 0
213 SET-213. GPS Data Logger with Longitude, Latitude, Speed, Time, Number of satellites into SD Card View Abstract 8000
212 SET-212. RF transceiver (Zigbee/X-Bee) based energy meter monitoring system. (Energy Meter reading on PC over wireless communication) View Abstract 6000
211 SET-211. Control powered devices with mobile phone for free of cost. This secure system works only f View Abstract 0
210 SET-210. Data logger for energy meter with time and KWH readings. Very useful for historical data logging. View Abstract 0
209 SET-209. J2ME Java phone controlled Home Automation View Abstract 0
208 SET-208. View Abstract 0
207 SET-207. Radio Frequency wireless remote controlled digital camera with high power LED based focusin View Abstract 7000
206 SET-206. RS485 based SCADA system for longer distance powered devices View Abstract 8000
205 SET-205. Advanced GPS based navigator for illiterates View Abstract 14000
204 SET-204. GPS based navigator with location display on Graphical LCD. View Abstract 14000
203 SET-203. 3G Mobile phone controlled live human being detecting Robot View Abstract 12000
202 SET-202. GPS and Graphical display based tourist-guiding system with Touch screen keyboard input for View Abstract 12000
201 SET-201. GPS and GSM based Vehicle Tracking System View Abstract 8000
200 SET-200. MEMS Accelerometer based digital photo frame with automatic position/view adjustment system View Abstract 12000
199 SET-199. Location aware mobile phone signal strength logger into 2GB memory card (MMC/SD/Mirco SD) View Abstract 8000
198 SET-198. Speech recognition based wheel chair operation and wireless home devices control system View Abstract 14000
197 SET-197. GSM based instantaneous vehicle registration details extraction system very useful for Traffic police View Abstract 15000
196 SET-196. Microcontroller based online examination system with dynamic questions View Abstract 15000
195 SET-195. CAN protocol enable multi-region monitoring and control system View Abstract 7000
194 SET-194. Microcontroller and Touch screen based wireless library book catalog system View Abstract 9000
193 SET-193. Wireless touch screen based heartbeat monitoring of multiple patients View Abstract 9000
192 SET-192. Sooxma's Android phone temperature data logger over blue tooth View Abstract 7000
191 SET-191. Voice actuated hospital bed control system and Heart Beat monitoring and alerting system View Abstract 8000
190 SET-190. Human body temperature and Heart rate monitoring on mobile screen over Bluetooth wireless t View Abstract 6500
189 SET-189. Smart phone based data logger View Abstract 7000
188 SET-188. Android operated Intelligent 230v AC Lamp Dimmer. View Abstract 7000
187 SET-187. Google Android Smart phone operated Motor Control System. View Abstract 7000
186 SET-186. Bluetooth Energy Meter. View Abstract 5500
185 SET-185. Voice recognition and voice guidance based GPS turn-by-turn navigator for blind with ultras View Abstract 16000
184 SET-184. Bluetooth based security enabled powered devices control system View Abstract 6500
183 SET-183.Voice enabled devices switching for visually impaired. View Abstract 0
182 SET-182.Innovative keyboard construction with only one input pin. View Abstract 0
181 SET-181.Telugu Tutor with dynamic text and Images identification for elementary school kids. View Abstract 14000
180 SET-180.Real-time Heartbeat Monitoring system with display on LCD and alerting system. View Abstract 6000
179 SET-179.Microcontroller based digital clock with Graphical LCD and Sanskrit font View Abstract 15000
178 SET-178.Mobile Phone controlled PC with Devices Control View Abstract 8000
177 SET-177.Infrared (IR) remote controlled Muscle Stimulator with duration and intensity control View Abstract 6000
176 SET-176.Petrochemical Level Indicator and Controller for Automation of cotton purification process industry View Abstract 8000
175 SET-175.Automatic Active Phase selector for single phase load from three phase supply. View Abstract 8000
174 SET-174.Secure Password Protected Bank Locker Controlling using Mobile Technologies. View Abstract 7000
173 SET-173.Microcontroller based Bank Lockers Safety System using Digital Key Password with Door Access View Abstract 6000
172 SET-172.Design of Coffee Cup for Alerting (Vibrations & buzzer) Blind People. View Abstract 7000
171 SET-171.Microcontroller based Multiple Device Control based on one Input Switch. View Abstract 6000
170 SET-170.Feedback Controlled Devices with Advance Security using Mobile Phones View Abstract 5000
169 SET-169.PC Controlled Industrial Devices with 8-relay board. View Abstract 8000
168 SET-168.PC based Digital Notice Board with Display on LCD Display. View Abstract 7000
167 SET-167.Safety implementation for 3-phase irrigation motor using Soil-moisture sensor and temperature View Abstract 9500
166 SET-166.DTMF based irrigation motor control system with soil-moisture sensor. View Abstract 5500
165 SET-165.Gas leakage detector & auto dialing controller system View Abstract 6000
164 SET-164.Call Based Home Appliance Controller View Abstract 4500
163 SET-163.Solar Tracking Street Light System. View Abstract 12000
162 SET-162.Graphical LCD and Memory stick (MMC/SD card) based textbook reading system. View Abstract 14000
161 SET-161.MMC/SD key security system. View Abstract 9000
160 SET-160.Automatic fall detection and activity monitoring for elderly. View Abstract 8000
159 SET-159.MEMS Accelerometer controlled PC. View Abstract 6000
158 SET-158.Voice commands based wheel chair for physically challenged View Abstract 9500
157 SET-157.Speech recognition based password enabled device switching for blind and physically challenged View Abstract 14000
156 SET-156.DTMF controlled live human being detecting ROBO View Abstract 7000
155 SET-155.Autonomous Robot with artificial vision for obstacle detection. View Abstract 6000
154 SET-154.Radio Frequency based remote controlled robot with wireless video camera mounted on it View Abstract 7000
153 SET-153.Live Human being detection wireless remote controlled Robot. (Useful for detection of terrorist hiding in building) View Abstract 12000
152 SET-152.Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer based self-balancing robot. View Abstract 5000
151 SET-151.PC controlled wireless Robot with live human detection. View Abstract 7000
150 SET-150.Mobile phone controlled four-legged walking robot with speed and direction control. View Abstract 8000
149 SET-149.DTMF based human less boat control for ocean research applications. View Abstract 11000
148 SET-148.Microcontroller based Visible Light Follower Robot View Abstract 6000
147 SET-147.Robot Control by PC with Head Lamp and Night Vision View Abstract 9000
146 SET-146.DTMF controlled Live Human Being Detection with and video camera mounted on it View Abstract 8500
145 SET-145.MEMS controlled robot with wireless video camera mounted on it. View Abstract 15000
144 SET-144.Hand Gestures controlled Intelligent Wheelchair View Abstract 6000
143 SET-143.ROBO leg for physically challenged. View Abstract 9000
142 SET-142.Fire fighting ROBO View Abstract 10000
141 SET-141.Head-movement controlled robot with voice and with video camera. View Abstract 0
139 SET-139.MEMS Accelerometer based Hands Gesture controlled Robot View Abstract 7000
138 SET-138.Solar Powered Vehicle/Car with ultrasonic sensors (LCD voltage display). View Abstract 8000
137 SET-137.Designing and construction of Movable robotic arm. View Abstract 0
136 SET-136.Designing painting robot using spray gun tool. View Abstract 15000
135 SET-135.Zigbee based remote controlled robot with wireless video camera mounted on it. View Abstract 9000
134 SET-134.TV Remote Controlled PC and Devices with Password protection View Abstract 7000
133 SET-133.Wireless Stepper Motor Control using RF Communication. View Abstract 7000
132 SET-132.Home security system Based on wireless RF technology View Abstract 7000
131 SET-131.Child/Blind tracking system & alerts to our hand held device. View Abstract 8000
130 SET-130.Virtual wireless dancing bells for classical dancers. View Abstract 6000
129 SET-129.Microcontroller based Wireless matchbox with digital lantern. View Abstract 6000
128 SET-128.Finding of missing object based on RF technology. View Abstract 6000
127 SET-127.Accident identification project using RF. View Abstract 5000
126 SET-126.Wireless 3 Phase Motor Starter using RF Technology with feedback indicators. View Abstract 7000
125 SET-125.Checking & Auto Control Water Level Using Wireless Sensor. View Abstract 9000
124 SET-124.Employee login and logout details with displayed on PC based on RF. View Abstract 9000
123 SET-123.Train automation using RF with voice announciator for the stations View Abstract 8000
122 SET-122.Development of Zigbee based Street Light View Abstract 7000
121 SET-121.Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring and Alert system View Abstract 7000
120 SET-120.Wireless Temperature Sensor Integrated Circuits View Abstract 7000
119 SET-119.A Novel Wireless Self-powered Microcontroller-based Monitoring Circuit for Photovoltaic Pane View Abstract 8000
118 SET-118.Implementation of wireless sensors network for Wild Fire monitoring system View Abstract 7000
117 SET-117.Wireless vibration monitoring system of industrial equipments (Also useful for bridges monitoring) View Abstract 9000
116 SET-116.Two-way Wireless Data Messaging System for Rural Areas using ZigBee Technology View Abstract 8000
115 SET-115. Zigbee device access contro View Abstract 10000
114 SET-114.Zigbee based wireless Electronic Notice Board with Multi Point Receiver. View Abstract 8000
113 SET-113.Innovative Congestion Traffic Control System for Ambulance Using ZIGBEE View Abstract 7000
112 SET-112.RFID based medical information system View Abstract 5000
111 SET-111.RFID based prepaid card for petrol station. View Abstract 8000
110 SET-110.RFID based animal tracking system. View Abstract 7000
109 SET-109.RFID based automatic car parking system. View Abstract 9000
108 SET-108.A smart card based prepaid electricity system. View Abstract 8000
107 SET-107.RFID based employee login system and identification display on PC. View Abstract 6000
106 SET-106.RFID based Shopping trolley. View Abstract 9000
105 SET-105.RFID based Highway toll collection View Abstract 4500
104 SET-104.RFID based digital library system and alerts View Abstract 9500
103 SET-103.RFID Card based security access control systems. View Abstract 4500
102 SET-102.RFID based bus identification system for blind with voice. View Abstract 7000
101 SET-101.RFID warehouse robot. View Abstract 12000
100 SET-100.Designing of 24 hours digital library and books data logger in to PC. View Abstract 9000
99 SET-99.Inside pipe crawling robot with Video transmission and head lamp vision View Abstract 22000
98 SET-98.Touch screen and RFID based Ticket booking system. View Abstract 9500
97 SET-97.Vehicle count and Speed Display System for High ways and high speed alerts with vehicle numbe View Abstract 9000
96 SET-96.RFID and 2GB SD/MMC card based patient data monitoring system with PC interface. View Abstract 9000
95 SET-95.Mobile jammer controlled by RF View Abstract 9500
94 SET-94.DTMF controlled bomb detecting robot View Abstract 6500
93 SET-93.Student data logging system into college website based on RFID View Abstract 11000
92 SET-92.RFID and Zigbee based Voice enabled calling bell View Abstract 9000
91 SET-91.RFID and GSM based Advanced Vehicle parking slot booking system View Abstract 9500
90 SET-90.UPS battery monitoring system over GSM for high availability systems (banking/finance/medical) View Abstract 9000
89 SET-89.Temperature based Fan Speed Controller and SMS alerts using GSM modem. View Abstract 9500
88 SET-88.Prepaid energy meter using GSM View Abstract 6500
87 SET-87.3-phase irrigation motor monitoring and Auto-controlling based on GSM technology. View Abstract 9000
86 SET-86. Security Integrated system based on wireless access protocol for industrial applications with SMS View Abstract 7000
85 SET-85.Microcontroller Based Thermometer and SMS based alerts. View Abstract 6500
84 SET-84.GSM and MMC/SD Memory Card based Remote Message Storage Device. View Abstract 11000
83 SET-83.SMS based remote SIM card address book access system. View Abstract 5500
82 SET-82.Voice enable device switching for physically challenged and emergency alerts through SMS. View Abstract 12000
81 SET-81. Smart card and GSM based advanced security system View Abstract 12000
80 SET-80.Dual GSM Modems based irrigation water pump controller for illiterate View Abstract 9000
79 SET-79.GSM based SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) implementation. View Abstract 7000
78 SET-78.GSM based digital Notice board with display on Scrolling LED Display. View Abstract 6500
77 SET-77.GSM based digital Notice board with display on PC Monitor. View Abstract 5000
76 SET-76.GSM based digital Notice board with display on LCD display. View Abstract 5000
75 SET-75.Home security System based on LPG gas, Smoke and Fire Sensors with SMS based alerts View Abstract 8000
74 SET-74.Mobile technology (GSM) based remote monitoring and control of digital Energy Meter. View Abstract 8000
73 SET-73.High Power LED based intelligent streetlight controlling system with GSM based Vehicle Counter View Abstract 7000
72 SET-72.Home appliances monitoring and controlling system using GSM with fencing auto alerts. View Abstract 7000
71 SET-71.SMS Based DC Motor Speed Controller with password protection. View Abstract 9500
70 SET-70.GSM based student data acquisition. View Abstract 8000
69 SET-69.GSM based SCADA implementation for industrial applications with IR sensor. View Abstract 7000
68 SET-68.Electronic eye-dial-up View Abstract 5000
67 SET-67.A Remote Measurement and Control System for Greenhouse Based on GSM-SMS View Abstract 8000
66 SET-66.GSM and SD/MMC card based data logger with real time monitoring. View Abstract 9000
65 SET-65.Wireless GoogleEarth control system at Railway/Bus Stations for tourists route map guidance. View Abstract 14000
64 SET-64.Real-time home automation based on GSM and wireless zigbee. View Abstract 9000
63 SET-63.A mobile agent based distributed intelligent control system architecture for home automation View Abstract 8000
62 SET-62.GSM based school children security system based on RFID View Abstract 7000
61 SET-61.Online library book catalog with RFID technology. View Abstract 12000
60 SET-60.Student data logging system into college website based on RFID View Abstract 11000
59 SET-59.Medical parameters monitoring on live website View Abstract 14000
58 SET-58.GPRS based real-time Home/Industrial critical devices status information logger into website View Abstract 9500
57 SET-57.GPS based universal clock. Gets the time from satellites and displays on LCD. View Abstract 5000
56 SET-56.GPS based wireless Speedo meter for boat/ship with speed and location limit alerts. View Abstract 5000
55 SET-55.Automated bus-stop alert for passengers using GPS. View Abstract 7000
54 SET-54.Travel assistant for blind with dynamic user input for location based alerts. View Abstract 9000
53 SET-53.Location driven car music player. (Plays devotional songs near temples, shuts at home etc.) View Abstract 8000
52 SET-52.GPS based border alert system for fishermen with boat speedometer View Abstract 6500
51 SET-51.Implementation of location based advertisement system using GPS and LCD. View Abstract 9000
50 SET-50.GPS based station name announcement and display system for Trains/buses. View Abstract 8500
49 SET-49.Microcontroller based virtual boundary/fencing for Animal Movement Control. View Abstract 8000
48 SET-48.Human travel location tracking system by using GPS. View Abstract 8000
47 SET-47.Microcontroller and GPS based geographical map drawing instrument. Very useful for Civil engineers View Abstract 9000
46 SET-46.Virtual distance measuring tape with GPS and LCD. Very useful for roads and buildings department View Abstract 6000
45 SET-45.Military persons training system that monitors the speed at which they move and records the travel path View Abstract 12000
44 SET-44.GPS and GSM based real-time vehicle tracking on GoogleEarth (with two GSM Modems) View Abstract 15000
43 SET-43.GPS based train location tracking system with SMS facility. View Abstract 8000
42 SET-42.Automatic taxi Trip Sensing and Indicating System through GSM. View Abstract 10500
41 SET-41.GPS and GSM based office cab monitoring, alerting and logging system. View Abstract 12000
40 SET-40. GPS based data logger and real time vehicle tracking with GSM View Abstract 9000
39 SET-39. Touch screen based temperature monitoring and control system with LCD. View Abstract 9000
38 SET-38. Touch screen operated Volumetric Oil Dispenser. View Abstract 9000
37 SET-37. Controlling of incandescent bulbs intensity by using Touch screen and microcontroller. View Abstract 6000
36 SET-36. Constuction of Touch screen based portable Digital Clock. View Abstract 8000
35 SET-35. Touch scren controlled motor speed and direction controlling system. View Abstract 9500
34 SET-34. Zigbee/Bluetooth and Touch screen Controlled PC. View Abstract 9500
33 SET-33. Touch screen based remote controlled robot with wireless video camera. View Abstract 13000
32 SET-32. Touch scren based Digital Slate for next generation elementary school children View Abstract 16000
31 SET-31. Touch screen based Nurse/attendant calling system for physically impaired View Abstract 7000
30 SET-30. Image based password authentication for Illiterates with Touch screen View Abstract 5000
29 SET-29 Touch screen based wheel chair control system View Abstract 8000
28 SET-28. Touch screen and Zigbee based library automation using RFID View Abstract 15000
27 SET-27 Touch screen and Smart Card based prepaid Ticket booking system with automatic seat allocation View Abstract 12500
26 SET-26. Microcontroller and Zigbee based wireless chat/comunication system with Touch screen keyboard View Abstract 20000
25 SET-25. Talking Touch Home (TTH) View Abstract 10500
24 SET-24. Android Smart Phone operated Intelligent Home View Abstract 6000
23 SET-23. Intelligent train security system and auto cntrolling View Abstract 11000
22 SET-22. wearable Technology based secure access control system with motion based password. View Abstract 8000
21 SET-21. GPS based vehicle travel location data logger with 2GB MMC/SD Memory card. View Abstract 9000
20 SET-20. Advanced Vehicle Security System with Theft control and Accident Notification. View Abstract 8000
19 SET-19. Touch screen and Zigbee based advanced automation system for next generation apartments. View Abstract 9000
18 SET-18. Touch screen (Color GLCD) based advanced menu display and Ordering System for Restaurants. View Abstract 20000
17 SET-17. GPS and GSM based Realtime Human Health Monitoring and Alert System for Cardiac patients. View Abstract 9500
16 SET-16. Patient monitoring system using GSM and Zigbee for hospitals and old aged homes View Abstract 10000
15 SET-15. construction of Smart mobile phone with driving mode selection to avoid accidents. View Abstract 6500
14 SET-14. RFID and GSM based intelligent courier mailbox system with automatic delivery notification. View Abstract 8000
13 SET-13. Smart Card and GPS based automatic bus ticketing system for traveled distance. View Abstract 9500
12 SET-12. Bluetooth based advanced wireless home automation system View Abstract 5000
11 SET-11. Wireless GPS travel location data logger using Bluetooth/Zigbee. View Abstract 11000
10 SET-10. Zigbee based wireless Voice to Text translator in Airlines/Hospital assistant system for blind View Abstract 11000
9 SET-09. Touchscreen and Zigbee based wireless communication assistant for Dumb and illiterates in Airlines View Abstract 9000
8 SET-08. Head movement based voice enabled wireless device switching for physically challenged View Abstract 8500
7 SET-07. Graphical LCD and memory stick based tilt operated Textbook reading system View Abstract 12000
6 SET-06. Automatic geo-positioning and SMS alerts on road traffic density View Abstract 12000
5 Voice operated intelligent Lift or Elevator (Smart Phone Based Voice Recognition) View Abstract 8000
3 SET-03. Constuction of Intelligent mobile phone with GPS enabled features. View Abstract 7500
2 SET-02.Design and construction of MEMS based tilt operated touch free mobile phone (LPC2148) View Abstract 9000
1 SET-01.Design and development of Touch screen Mobile phone View Abstract 12000

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